3. Getting to Auckland airport

Cheap air tickets come with a lot of conditions and inconvenience. Taking off very early in the morning is norm like this one. With 6:30 am departure time we decided to stay in the airport for a night to make the check-in at 4:30 am easier.

Nakedbus  only charges $17 each that covers transfer to the airport from Manukau shopping centre to the airport. Cool choice if you don’t drive up there.


It’s got a free wifi on board to attract young students but the speed was horribly slow as everyone seems to hook their devices up. Luckily we got the bus a brand new with a fresh smell of leather trim, a very rare thing for a naked bus.


The best spot we found to hide away at the airport is left hand corner of Mcdonald on departure floor, just next to the toy ride machines, less foot traffic and there is a couple of power points for your laptop to plug in.

Here my daughter sleeps cozy and straight. She says ”It’s way warmer than my room”


We witnessed a horrible thing happened on a british couple heading back home at the check-in counter. They were on a joint ticket with the Virgin Australia to Melbourne, and with the Royal Brunei air from thereafter to London.  The Virgin Australia air charged a hefty $70 a kg for the excess weight, and it was Australian dollars.


Keep that in mind when you pack up to go with that Aussie mate.


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