5. Bangkok’s CBD and shopping district

6 O’clock in the morning, temperature hikes already up over 27 degrees. Needs some fuel in my wallet as we exchanged $100 at the airport last night and big day is waiting for us.

When exchanging NZ dollars, don’t go banks, but to one of private money changers. Banks at the moments usually give you 25.6 Baht for a dollar but you can get 28.30 Baht from the Super Rich money exchanger or Vasu exchanger in Sukumvit.


Now to the cheapest cloth market in Bangkok, Pratunam Market,

SONY DSCHere we bought three T-shirts for 195Baht($7) and the price was strict, couldn’t haggle down any further.

Don’t even think you can touch this spiky bras, just watch.

DSCF8941 DSCF8942 DSCF8944

You will be like this when you have a good deal.

DSCF8943You would be silly if you come to Bangkok to buy phones, computers, or peripherals as the Thai goverment imposes heavy import taxs on these, price is not very competitive with HongKong, Singapore or even Tokyo. Anyway Panthip Plaza is where you need to go for those things.

SONY DSCNow time for serious shopping and eating, walk to MBK ( shortened form for Ma-Boon-Krong)



SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCMBK has the best food court in Bangkok on 5th floor, you will have an electronic chipped card to which all the food, drink you choose are recorded, and return the card to the cashier for payment when you are out. A bit pricey but the quality of food is only second to none. We paid 350Baht($12) for two decent meals.

Buses are abundant in Bangkok, and cheap.(8Baht for ordinary or 12Baht for air-conditioned) The wooden floored ordinary bus No 40 from CBD to the main train station. Good choice if you don’t mind sweating in smoky fumes.

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI will show you the chaotic Chinatown in the next post.


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