4. Touching down on Bangkok

Well for Virgin Australia I’ve got nothing to write home about, typical cheap, bottom end with a airplane that might have been called a brand new 30 years ago. On board the flight, you’ve got to buy food or anything you need except water, so don’t hop on with an empty stomach like us.

From Melbourne to all the way to Bangkok(with a connection at Brunei) the Royal Brunei air had a turn for us. Marvelous inflight entertainment system on every seat, with a bunch of new release movies, TV series, kids programs and a satellite navigation.


Most of all, food was fantastic especially the chicken curry with okra, followed by the killer vanilla ice cream( it was made with real vanilla pod, not the synthetic flavor)


Bangkok is truly a paradise for those who can not breath without a mobile phone for a second.  A cheap internet data connection on 3G or 4G technology(hi speed mobile internet) only costs 349 Baht for a month, and you will get unlimited data.

I choose “Truemove” at the Bangkok airport and the staff did all the configuration on my phone with a new Thai sim card.


Now to Hualamphong train station by the Airport Rail Link(ARL), where we will look for a cheap guest house for the first night of this steamy hot land.


Run into the pre-booked Baan Hualamphong guest house, and this guy says, only air-con room is available for 650Baht.  After straying for 30 mins in the dark alleys of back street, we docked into F.F Guest house, very basic, bland, but lots of character, in both ways. Good sized fan twin bed room costs 300Baht($10.70 NZ dollars). No air-con, no hot water but no big price tag.


Good thing about it is it’s got shiny wooden floor and a clean shared bathroom.

100_4218Back out to have late dinner on the street, Kuaytaew nam(Rice noodle soup with some condiments) is king. $40Baht a meal.


Have a look at the late hours’ traffic in Bangkok.


Tomorrow we will be heading down to CBD and shopping mecca of


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