8. Begun with the silk road, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

This night street market dates back to the silk road caravan camel times originated as far as Chang-An(now Xian), capital city of Chinese Tang dynasty,heading to Myanmar, stopping over here to trade.

Now the vendors are not Chinese but the Thais and some hill tribe people, and you know what, the buyers of this market, they are mostly Chinese having holiday here due to the proximity to the Yunnan China.

Ironically all the product(most) sold here are made in China and quality is not that good.  Anyway you are not going to be here to buy a designer product. It’s a fun outing with food, drink, massage, street performances or just watching people.

No matter whatever you are doing, you’ve got to stop and show respect when the national anthem is out on the speaker. Tourists  in pause.


Fruit mix juice, just 30Baht, so refreshing.


Mangoes not as sweet as ones in Myanmar, but still satisfying.

DSCF8993 DSCF8995 DSCF8996

100% coconut ice cream, I couldn’t believe the price 10Baht.


Another ice cream, this time it is Durian,wow.

DSCF8998 DSCF8999 DSCF9000

My daughter believes money grows on trees.

DSCF9001 DSCF9002 DSCF9003 DSCF9004 DSCF9005 DSCF9006

Foot massage here 80Baht for half an hour.

DSCF9008 DSCF9009

She buys three T shirts. DSCF9010 DSCF9011 DSCF9012 DSCF9013 DSCF9014 DSCF9015

Beautifully crafted wooden bowls.

DSCF9016 DSCF9017

Hand-made herbal soaps.


Haggling is not easy as they’ve got heaps of other potential buyers behind you.

DSCF9019 DSCF9020 DSCF9021 DSCF9024

Artists doing a shot in 20 mins.


How many times have I told you that I’m not Chinese.

DSCF9022 DSCF9026

Hefty 50Baht for a street food, barbequed mushrooms wrapped in bacon, wow amazing.

DSCF9027 DSCF9028

Skewered quail eggs in soy sauce for 10Baht.


My favourite tonight. Beetroot and passion fruit juice, marvelous combination.

DSCF9031 DSCF9032 DSCF9033

Give it a go, 70Baht foot Massage, way better than my acupuncture.

DSCF9037 DSCF9047

I don’t know what time this market turns the lights off and packs up. That’s enough for us.


You have seen highly touristic Night Bazaar, and I will also take you to where the locals go for their daily necessity. Expect.


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