9. NimmanHaemin, Chiang Mai’s Cafe scene

At every corner of the street in Chiang Mai, you will have no problem finding a cafe or bar. Over supply of shops but  they are pretty much similar, predictable with identical price tags and interiors.

It is O.K. if you are only after the taste not the ambiance or theme. If you are looking for both, then look no further, NimmanHaemin will catch your heart.

Just outside the old city area on the way to Chiang Mai university, small residential area is slowly turning into a cafe ghetto with bars, restaurants and boutique shops. Tourists haven’t found this yet in their to do list, so only few farangs(foreigner) will stray here.

Apart from three coffee shops, all the shops listed here have been photographed  from outside only.

Table top in a coffee cafe.


Beautiful tea pot set ,yet functionalDSCF9068

Simple pancake with banana, just presentation.DSCF9071

One of well known coffee shop that uses locally grown coffee beans called, Doi Chang(literally meaning Mt.Elephant).

DSCF9089 DSCF9090 DSCF9091 DSCF9092 DSCF9093 DSCF9094 DSCF9097

Back street cafes, bars, restaurants, so trendy and themed.

DSCF9100 DSCF9117 DSCF9118 DSCF9119 DSCF9122 DSCF9123 DSCF9124 DSCF9125 DSCF9126 DSCF9128

Among these cafes, a residential house wedged in. What the…

DSCF9129 DSCF9130 DSCF9131

We don’t turn the Open-Closed plate over, just follow the arrow.

DSCF9132 DSCF9133 DSCF9134 DSCF9135 DSCF9136 DSCF9137 DSCF9138 DSCF9139 DSCF9140 DSCF9141

If you can’t read the Thai, it says Meow. DSCF9142 DSCF9143 DSCF9144 DSCF9145

If you can’t read the Chinese letters, it says High Mountain City.

DSCF9146 DSCF9147 DSCF9148 DSCF9149 DSCF9150 DSCF9151 DSCF9152 DSCF9154 DSCF9156

94 Degrees is said to be optimum when you brew your coffee. When I measured it, unfortunately it was only 92.5 degrees. DSCF9158 DSCF9159

Be careful with this, It is really series business here. Wawee (or sometimes spelt Wawi) coffee stands out from anything else. Makes up top 3 northern hill tribe arabica coffee shops along with Doi Chang and Doi Tung, but this one comes fiirst leaving other two way far behind humiliated  in terms of taste and cafe ambiance. You must, I repeat, you have to try this brilliant outset on the rose of the north. DSCF9160 DSCF9161 DSCF9162 DSCF9164 DSCF9166 DSCF9169 DSCF9170

This guy have mean coffee just for 50Bhat(less than $2) for a cup, and they also sell the prepacked 200g beans for $275Baht. I didn’t buy the beans because I do not want to taste coffee at home without feeling the air of  this cafe.DSCF9174

Perfect place to write a postcard to a lover.

DSCF9175 DSCF9178

Now , one of  favourite Dessert shop for Chiang Mai university students.

DSCF9182 DSCF9183

Beautifully decorated tiles outside a cafe.

DSCF9184 DSCF9185 DSCF9186

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Little India, but Little Lanna, the ancient Thai kingdom.

DSCF9187 DSCF9189

Unfortunately Doi Tung has closed down with a sign still  showing the glory of past.

DSCF9194 DSCF9195 DSCF9196 DSCF9203

Even the big shopping mall outside the street is a brand new and trendy. Opened less than a year ago. Maya mall.


Next time, I will guide you through some more of Chiang Mai and then move further north up to Chiang Rai.


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