10. Chiang Mai etc…a trivial information on bit of here and there.

Chiang Mai, 2nd largest city of Thailand and the pride of the north and the place where most beautiful women are seen, a sure sign that single western men become a long term stayer regularly running to the border to renew the visa.

The place we stayed in Chiang Mai has nothing special in room and the corridor but this one has a lot of character in the living room(wide open area for the guests) that led us make a choice of stay.

Tiled for the  art theme with tables and cushions followed by a small kitchen, the communal living room makes good rest area for meeting other travelers and exchanging stories.


Room was basic with ensuite bathroom(fan cooled), but the window was too small that guaranteed a stuffy night. 350Baht($12.50)  a night was just right for the location as this one sat at the back street of the central ThaPhae gate.


Fresh fruits and vegetables  or fish and meat, Talat(market) Warorot is a good choice, and it can be covered by on foot in 15 mins from central city. We bought two school bags here because not only the good price but the best design and style of the bags ever in whole Thailand.

DSCF9073 DSCF9074 DSCF9075 DSCF9076 DSCF9077

For a cheap eateries mingled with students, Chiang Mai university is not to be missed. Most cheap and simple food stalles are on the street to the back entrance of the uni. but the shops on the main entrance side don’t lose their colour too. You may be the only ones not wearing a school uniform, but come wearing lots of smile instead. There will always be someone who speaks good English around here, so put your guard down, be a young  blood  just for a couple of hours.

DSCF9208 DSCF9209 DSCF9210 DSCF9211 DSCF9212

We found a korean restaurant here aptly named ‘K-Pop’ and enjoyed a 80% close to the type  korean spicy noodle suki. Well wasn’t bad.

DSCF9213 DSCF9214


Although Chiang Mai has got a few of local branded coffee franchises, the Starbucks is still a big name and it seems to rake in all the bucks even on a night like this, star-less.


We are going to touch the northen most point of Thailand next time. keep following.


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