14. Teaching Korean in Doi Mae Salong, I must be joking.

At ShinSaen guest house there was a bunch of Taiwanese volunteers staying, upon greeting a couple I was invited to a Chinese school called ‘XingHua’. This school gives the local ethnic Chinese and hilltribe kids an array of advanced level of education all in Chinese language. The kids attend a Thai school in the morning and carry on to this afternoon school(4pm to 7:30pm) on weekdays plus the Saturdays.

Since the school gets no financial support from Taiwan or Thai government, the only revenue they are making is the school fee levied to the parents of the students.

You know what? I will be giving Korean language class to the school teachers not the students. Why they want Korean? The Korean TV dramas, all popular in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam even in Japan.


See this? Orange T-shirt. I’m in the Class and supporting Netherland at the same time.


These school teachers are a bunch of pansies, very supportive and easy to crack up smiles.


Mr. Shanghai , the only male teacher and from mainland China.



Let me show you  the school around.

Staff room(Teachers only)


Every desk has a name plate.


View from the school veranda, Tea terrace in the distance.

DSCF9453 DSCF9454 DSCF9455 DSCF9517 DSCF9518

My daughter with the principal.


DSCF9520 DSCF9521 DSCF9522 DSCF9525 DSCF9526 DSCF9527 DSCF9528

School gate.


Classroom in action.

100_4252 100_4254 100_4257 100_4260

At school computer room, me trying to save this unbootable machine back into life, and question. Where are the parts and tools? Mei Mee(don’t have)


School car park for the students. The kids drive a motorbike to the school and they start riding one as early as 6 years old( not talking about push bike). Drivers license? Where’s the police?


We got the school banquet at an restaurant with a volunteer group of National Taiwan University students.

DSCF9607 DSCF9611

Genuine Yunnanese food is being served. Very delicious, especially mushrooms and the dragon’s beard vegetable. DSCF9615

Believed to be the youngest teacher(18) serving the principal.

DSCF9616 DSCF9618 DSCF9621 DSCF9625

After  the banquet lunch, other side of the road from the restaurant  leads uphill to the general Duan’s tomb. Lovely spot to cool down and take a nap.

DSCF9630 DSCF9640 DSCF9641 DSCF9642 DSCF9644 DSCF9647

Tomorrow I am going to join the staff on the school trip to some Akha villages, keep on following.


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