15. School trip to student’s homes, Doi Mae Salong

Today all the teachers and the school staff are going to visit a couple of remote villages where student homes are. You will need a decent transport and an invitation to make this sort of trip on your own, but the generous principal once again invited us and treated me like one of teachers.


Our first stop, one of Ahka village.

DSCF9665 DSCF9666

Water is run down from the mountain hill to this tank reservoir and filtered before being redistributed to each household, no chlorine or UV treated, pure mountain water.

DSCF9670 DSCF9671

Houses are built on the stilts, typical Ahka style.

DSCF9672 DSCF9673 DSCF9678 DSCF9679

Coffee trees are planted on every patch available, a cash crop that brings 70 Baht a Kg, well still small money compared to the opiums that were main source of income some decades ago.

DSCF9682 DSCF9685 DSCF9686

Among coffee trees, a mango tree showing some sugary sweet fruits.


A long thin bamboo is used for cloth airer.


Lovely firewood  for cooking.

DSCF9694 DSCF9695 DSCF9696 DSCF9699

These two Taiwanese revolutionists Miss Jiang and Mr. Hwang who was excellent interpreter and the guide for me.


Back to school for a shared buffet lunch.


Dried durians for an enthusiast.


Teachers serving buffet lunch, lovely ladies.

DSCF9720 DSCF9721 DSCF9722 DSCF9723

This was my lunch plus Tom-yum-Taleh, spicy all tasty Thai soup.

DSCF9725 DSCF9727

Back on the road to an another village. Don’t get this lady wrong. She is not a female Taliban warrior being sent to the front line.


Shyness of this youngest school teacher.

DSCF9737 DSCF9743

A green papaya that makes SomTam by the road side.


You’ve got to cover your skin to be called a white beauty.


Another Ahka village entrance.


Teachers asking direction.


My favourite picture of all in Mae Salong, a kettle being heated with open fire for making oolong tea I suppose?


My daughter admiring the beauty of the rice terrace from up.


We had the dinner at this Ahka village in the tea processing hut.


All true to type Yunnanes food on the table, perfectly cooked with Chinese hospitality.

DSCF9766 DSCF9768 DSCF9767 DSCF9769

Makeshift dinner tables set in a working tea processing hut, with some final products in a pile on the right hand side.

DSCF9771 DSCF9772 DSCF9773

After dinner, we were invited to an tea factory that was run by one of the school teachers’ family, an awesome opportunity.


The view was so good to miss out behind this tea shop.

DSCF9790 DSCF9791 DSCF9793

Inside the tea shop, teas leaves on drying process.

DSCF9797 DSCF9794

Now sampling the premium tea, the oriental beauty.


The principal rang the teacher to bring us down back to school, this time to the Karaoke room in the school building, unbelievable.


Limited English songs, we sang two out of this book.


Jenny on the booze, pretty sure no teachers of Western Heights would watch this blog and put her in trouble.

DSCF9811 DSCF9810

Teachers serving cups and ice for the mob.


It’s been a long day and we are going to leave this town tomorrow for Phrae. Thanks for the school teachers and the principal for this wonderful opportunity. We will see you again some day. Mae Salong, I will keep you in my heart not on my dairy.






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