16. Unknown shy girl, Phrae

We departed Mae Salong and down to Mae Chan. Searching for a decent lunch place, found a killer SomTam(green papaya salad) stall. This lady does this spicy vege twist for a mere 30 Baht.

DSCF9847 DSCF9848DSCF9843 DSCF9844 DSCF9845 DSCF9846 DSCF9849

Wash down with this locally brewed iced coffee.


After taking three hours ride in a minivan from Chiang Rai, we got Phrae.

Phrae, most tourists don’t know this name,and the main attraction? Local food and cheery people I would say.

This city looks like the Lao city of Luang Prabang with lots of Wats and old teak houses. Every morning monks in line for alms.

Already dark outside and we are looking for a cheap bed, and found one about a km’s walk from the bus terminal. Humble 210 Baht a night with very basic setup.I am not going to show the inside of this hotel room. Better not…

DSCF9867We got the best See-Khong-Moo(pork spare rib dish) at this Rotifongcha street restaurant near the night market. All these at 190 Baht.

DSCF9859 DSCF9860 DSCF9861 DSCF9862 DSCF9864 DSCF9865 DSCF9866

Here are the mixture of cafes, wats, city scenes and the Vongburi(pronounced Wongburi) old teak house.

DSCF9957 DSCF9956 DSCF9955

Felicidades, Spanish for happiness.


The cafe named ‘Kru Noo’ or Teacher Noo, four 19 year old girls serving killer coffees with a million dollar smiles. They offered us a motorbike ride to the bus terminal for free.

DSCF9950 DSCF9948 DSCF9939 DSCF9937

Only four tables, but felt just like home. Lovely petite cafe.


Leave your shoes on the stairs.


At Phrae, we posted some cards to New Zealand 15 Baht each.


I call him a lucky man hugging two girls.

DSCF9933 DSCF9931 DSCF9930 DSCF9928 DSCF9927 DSCF9926

Vongburi teak house, 30 Baht admission, money well spent.

DSCF9923 DSCF9922 DSCF9920 DSCF9919 DSCF9918 DSCF9917 DSCF9914 DSCF9913 DSCF9912

A sleeping budda in a wat, and you don’t know what is going to happen when he gets up, so walk really silently not to wake him up.

DSCF9911 DSCF9910 DSCF9907 DSCF9905 DSCF9903 DSCF9902 DSCF9899 DSCF9897 DSCF9895

Try this guy when you are in trouble in Phrae.


We found a Korean beauty shop run by a local, gross, salmon ovary lotion?

DSCF9893 DSCF9892

Jenny buying a lipstick for her sister.

DSCF9891 DSCF9890

Wow you must be the miss Korea.

DSCF9889 DSCF9888 DSCF9887

Phrae, an art deco city?

DSCF9886 DSCF9884 DSCF9883

Durians are for watching not for eating?

DSCF9880 DSCF9879 DSCF9877

A Samlor(pedicab) driver in a nap.


A new Honda Fino, for a barbie girl.


Another cup of coffee at the cafe.

DSCF9873 DSCF9872

Coconuts on the move. 40 Baht each.


We stayed just a night in Phrae and are going to head up north to Nan, another city with lots of Wats and innocent locals.




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