21. Coming home with something filled inside.

Coming home is straight forward but a tiring journey that will combine a train and some of flying.

We took a night train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on 2nd class aircon sleepers this time which costs about 1700 Baht for two.


Some cars were old Japaness Shin-Kan-Sen, and



some are Korean company Daewoo made cars.


DSCF1117 DSCF1120 DSCF1122 DSCF1123

It’s got a small table for eating or reading.


and it turns into two bunk beds like this.

DSCF1130 DSCF1131


In the middle of cars, a dinning car is there where late hungry owls gather in, but the food are expensive for the quality. 170 Baht for a small dish. Bring lots of food from outside if you are a heavy eater or drinker.


We had our last cups of the black pearl tea here at Mr.Bun by the Bangkok railway station, and tea-ed off to the airport.

DSCF1132 DSCF1135


Anita Desai once said

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

Well this chaotic traffic jam will be a part of us somehow.



And all the people we met on the way, including ones we never talked at the airport will be part of us somehow.



The moments we smiled, got frustrated, scared, satisfied, honored and loved also will be part of us somehow.

DSCF1145 DSCF1146

When the crew shouts out for tea or the meal while the untroubled sun shines deeply into the plane we are in and makes this place so magical, way up the cloud, I can see this will be part of us somehow.



A secret of a female cabin crew bailed in a thousand year’s smile  on the Royal Brunei air too will be part of us somehow.



The mysterious taste of these Bruneian teas gulped at the Brunei airport will be part of us somehow.



And I can surely tell her that it is not the scenery or the food but it’s people that take a person’s heart to the place. She might have got a glimpse of it already I wish.


The End….

Thanks every one for reading and commenting on my blog.


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