First night in Gwangju

Before the night falls, we dug in the authentic Korean home food carefully prepared by my mum with love and sympathy.

Here, a spicy roasted nuts and anchovy, a true southern delicacy.


A pickled Korean mint leaves in soy sauce, most definately acquired taste.


One of my  favourite Kimchi(hot veg salad), radish-top Kimchi.



A braised beef in soy sauce with chilli, garlic and boiled quail eggs.


A bowl of mountain herbs ready to be mixed with steamed rice.


Freshly picked lettuce leaves which is used as a wrap for meat and spices.


Roasted pork cuts that goes on a lettuce leaves.

DSCF7763Steamed dumplings.


A cold buckwheat noodle dish that requires  scissors to cut down the elastic black noodles.



All the cafe scenes have been changed a lot in five years and I strolled out on the back street around where I stay.

Bubble pop beer and Soju(Korean Sake) corner.


A place for a Tuna Sashimi and other raw fish dish.


Lots of cafes and coffee shops….countless.

DSCF7658 DSCF7659DSCF7738

This is how Koreans stack up the cars in a small space.


There is no better dessert than a shaved sweet ice in summer.  We popped in a famous Korean dessert cafe called “Sulbing” litteraly means “Snow Ice”.

DSCF7668 DSCF7670

A berry snow flake, not bad $12.


My choice, Chopped almond, roasted bean powder. You gotta dig in to get ice underneath.


Korean rice cake on a stick garnished with cheese and herb.

DSCF7679 DSCF7681

Cashew nuts, almond and coffee flake.

DSCF7687 DSCF7692


A simple toast korean traditional way.


DSCF8065 DSCF8068DSCF8066 DSCF8067

Worst choice of the day. A mango flake, gotta be a canned mango, very sweet and unpleasing, even worse, most expensive.











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