Land of In-laws, HaeNam



One and half hour drive down to south is HaeNam where my in-laws originates.  Lucky to be here to witness the open air market that sets up every 6 days.

My favourite fish, frost fish, a silvery elongated fish that basically eats anything in front of it. Best with pan-roasted or simply steamed with spices.


A box of squids and blue mackerels for sale.


Chillies are in season.


Water melons are extremly sweet with the weight reaching upto 8 kg.


A kids’ favourite, always popular, black bean pasta.


A spicy seafood noodle soup, popular for Sake drinkers.



Prepacked Korean rice cakes, so yummy and tempting.






Found a small cozy book cafe that sells ambience and limited drinks includes an Assan tea.

DSCF7833 DSCF7836

This cafe is a magnet for English teachers living in this area.

DSCF7837 DSCF7843

A tea that is known to have five tastes.


Lots of books are available to go with drinks while you sit here and a free fast wifi.


This is what I want for a book cafe. A decent tea, sunshine and a quiet moment.

DSCF7854 DSCF7856


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