The 24 Hours bumpy ride to Korea

It wasn’t money or time that made me hesitate visiting Korea but was MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), a viral outbreak currently Korea is fighting against.

The Malaysian Air was cheapest option when we asked around with a huge price gap to the 2nd cheapest. No wonder this unfortunate air company offered the best price as they had lost two aircrafts recently, one for a missile attack in Ukraine and the other missing with a still unknown reason.

Early morning we drove a car to a place where we are going to leave for our holiday. $155 will cover for a months’ storage of a car in a hotel’s car  park.


This guys offers the free shuttle service to and from the Airport 24/7.

DSCF7540 DSCF7544 DSCF7545

For this trip, a new family member called “CANCUN” the dog was selected for our suitcase watcher.


It’s gonna be 11 hours to Kuala Lumpur and I’m worrying about my young girl who has never travelled on a aircraft.


Wish I could jump on this Royal Thai Air to Bangkok…..Keep walking .


We prepared a lof of painting stuff for the young girl to keep her entertained all the time.


This Boeing aircraft smells like an old bus with a diesel spill.


Usually Asian air companys’ inflight meals are awesome, but this Malaysian style of a chicken meal was quite disappointing. The dry and bland meat and flavourless sauce, a complete carbo/protein mix for a hungry bird.



Jenny threw up without eating any food. The motion sickness knocked her out well before the landing and I had to do something with the acupuncture needles.


The ultra modern Kuala Lumpur airport with a high ceiling and a big support beam.


We got two hours before getting on an aircraft to Korea and I’m craving for a hot milk tea.

DSCF7605 DSCF7608DSCF7609

Exchanged $25 dollars to get enough Ringgits for couple of teas. Here in Malaysia 10% service charge is added on with a 6% GST.


DSCF7613 DSCF7614

Another flight to Korea for 6 hours and we could choose any seat as the plane was almost empty thanks to the MERS.


Just before landing, a group of island of the west coast Korea with the sun breaking up over.


We still have to ride on a bus to get the final destination, Gwangju, the city of 2015 universiad game.


Well, protection is the only thing we can do. We bought a pack of 50 face masks and a couple of hand sanitizers.


A 24 seater express bus has three rows with abundant room between the leather trimmed seats.  Costed $35 oneway for a 4 hours ride down to the south-bound city of the light.


On the 17th floor of this apartment block my sister lives, and we are going to stay most of our nights here while we are in Gwangju city.

DSCF7729DSCF7719DSCF7731 DSCF7736


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