Gwangju Universiade game 2015

Gwangju city  goes around KIA motor company and the KUMHO tyre and everyone knows the “May the 18th movement”. This city has traded  freedom with the blood of young university students.

Now this city is hosting 2015 summer Universiade game(Youth olympic) and this could be the second biggest game the city has ever hosted, after the soccer world cup  in 2002.

The tickets for the opening ceremony go up to 300,000 Korean won(NZ $392) a seat but I’ve got a wonderful brother who can rake in some free tickets for us. He has thrown in 8 tickets.


My young girl is excited going into waves of people.


The mascot of the game.


The players of a country waiting to be called by an alphabetic order.

Team Canada ready to roll


Team New Zealand marching in, in disorganized order.

Team New Zealand
A performer in a red long dress, caught in the air.

DSCF8298 DSCF8300 DSCF8306 DSCF8311

Colours are changing into red as the heat goes up.

DSCF8378 DSCF8367 DSCF8354 DSCF8353



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