YeoSu, The Venice of Korea?

Yeosu(pronounced “You” as in “young” followed by “Soo”), a city of two big bridges that glow beautifully at night. People call this port of the south the “Venice of Korea”. Well a bit over-exaggerated city has enough attractions to fetch everyone’s eye and I enjoyed every bit of it.

First we jumped on a cable car which goes over the sea water connecting the city with an Odongdo island. It is a 3.1km long and floats higher than the top of the nearby bridge.

If you ever been to the Sentosa island in Singapore on a cable car, well I think this one probably borrowed the idea of how to build the system from Singapore. The French company POMA had built this with 50 cabins attached, while each cabin can accommodate 8 passengers at a time.

You can buy two different cabins, ordinary and glass-bottomed cabin.

Yep the cabins stay higher than the top of the nearby bridge


End of the line. Odongdo island in far back.


DSCF8829 DSCF8833 DSCF8837 DSCF8874 DSCF8878 DSCF8885

Now we empty our wallet for another must-see in Yeosu, that is Hanwha aqua planet, well simply fish tanks after tanks, this is exactly what it was.

Some unique dolphins, seals and the fantasy shows didn’t actually make us wow but my little girl seems to believe that a mermaid really exist as she saw one swimming in the water with dolphins.

DSCF8891 DSCF8892 DSCF8906 DSCF8935 DSCF8953 DSCF8973 DSCF8977


One thought on “YeoSu, The Venice of Korea?

  1. Hey bro short note, just got back to work today and noticed your blog, glad to here your resting up and enjoying yourself with your whanau while we are here slaving our asses off lol. Simon and I have been working in Lichfield (Fonterra Cheese factory) north of Tokoroa for the past week, pressure testing water mains. Catch you up chur.

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