Dae-In, night market

If Chiangmai has the night bazaar, Gwangju has an answer to it. Dae-In night market, solely for the local, by young artists and vendors.

Price-wise it is very cheap and diverse with items.

Here I had the cheapest meal, 1000 won($1.30) noodle dish that didn’t taste yak but was surprisingly well cooked for the price.


Garlic-chive fritter on a bamboo-wired dish costs only $2.


Lots of art scene here.


A mum teaches a girl how to spend money without feeling guilty when her husband is hard working completely wet in the rain.


Small pots of cactis goes for $1.30.


This street gallery have sections for each artist by PYUNG( 3.24 square meters).

DSCF9025 DSCF9026 DSCF9027 DSCF9030 DSCF9032

Murals on the wall at the market.

DSCF9033 DSCF9034 DSCF9041

Korean rice cakes prepacked…um no more room for this.


A fried chicken bits mixed with sweet chilli sauce and sliced nuts for $4.50 a cup.

DSCF9043 DSCF9045 DSCF9051 DSCF9053

A hand dripped whole bean coffee on the spot. Only $1.30 a cup. Do you guys make any money?

DSCF9059 DSCF9060 DSCF9062

My favourite of the night.  Very well carved characters on the water melons. These guys open up the lids and scoop out the water melons’ flesh into a cup, mix with ice, then off it goes for $2.60 a bowl.


A personalized stamp in a jade stick, an old time security method used by emperors, merchants and army officers. Now signature replaced this. One with your name engraved will cost about $26.

DSCF9066The end.


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