Looking for a good coffee in Gwangju

Finding a decent coffee in Korea can be difficult if you have your tongue tied up to the dark-roasted beans such as French or Italian variety coffees. Coffee shops have been burgeoning in Korea over the past 10 years while I’m away. All the famous coffee chains are at every corner with locally owned ones.

I didn’t get the proper one as I walk through the shops.

This Angel-in-us Korean chain puts some evil tastes in the coffee.



This beautifully decorated shop also doesn’t know how to brew one properly.

DSCF8499 DSCF8508

One in the City council building,,,I liked cups.

DSCF8088 DSCF8089 DSCF8090

All fancy shops on the high hill top location, I don’t know if you have to pay the double.

DSCF8732 DSCF8733 DSCF8734 DSCF8744 DSCF8751DSCF8663

This cafe named “Vincent” has got a themed setup, a travel cafe with guide books, selling plane tickets, still far away from the desired taste of coffee.

DSCF8664 DSCF8667 DSCF8671 DSCF8680 DSCF8682

By the fluke I found this cafe ” Coffee Developer 3″ and I drank three cup in this small table only to find myself having sleepless night because of too much caffeine consumption.


A brewer and a photographer, the owner does a good job making decent coffee from his own roasted beans everyday, followed by hand dripped process.

DSCF8764 DSCF8767 DSCF8768

We paid for three cups and got delivered 6~7 cups of brewed coffee. Very generous.


All his art works on the wall.

DSCF8777 DSCF8786

I decided to make my own roast so bought 200g of Kenya AA green beans for $6.60. I’m gonna make a perfect French roast for a good flat white.

Beans in a thick cast iron pan.

DSCF8998 DSCF8999

2 mins later beans going light brown this is just before the CITY.


This state is called “City” You have got to take off the heat if you want a Americano.


Going into the second crack, smokey hard…


Even harder. Now I’m worrying about triggering the smoke alarm of this apartment.


Final product this is called “French” that how I like my coffee.


Lot of coffee shining with oil oozing out. Yummm


Break the beans with a Pestle and Mortar. No power tools allowed in my brewing.


Drip with a German paper. Water temp set up to 94 degree.



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