Food matters.

Food matters here in Korea. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, people live to eat and they fill up until they can’t.  $10 note will guarantee you a decent meal anywhere and chuck $10 more if you fancy for a full course meal.

Korean food are abundant and cheap along with Italian, Chinese, Western or Japanese food. On the contrary fruits are limited and expensive, and the most of them are imported from overseas.

A smoked chicken to make a wrap along with pickles in Yeosu.

DSCF8982One of Italian restaurant with my in-laws.


Well cooked pork spare ribs, marinated and charcoal-grilled.

DSCF8990 DSCF8992 DSCF8996

BibimBap(rice mixed with veggies hot chilli sauce), most popular dish.


Here my sister’s favourite place famous for the black tofu and the fermented bean soup.

The restaurant was built around a 500 year old tree in an ancient temple architecture, very atmospheric.

DSCF8445 DSCF8446 DSCF8447

This tofu doesn’t look black but made with black beans, a bit darker coloured tofu.


A fritter made with tofu, shallot, squid, real delicacy.


A seaweed dish, sour and tangy.


Outside of the restaurant, just relaxing when you walk around after filling up.


A spicy-hot seafood noodle soup, ChamPong, at one of IBIGA chain restaurant. I liked this so much. No msg used.

DSCF8162 DSCF8165

A battered fried meat in sour sauce called Tang-Soo-Yook, my wife’s favourite.


A variety of water melon called “Mango Watermelon”


Frozen dumplings for sale at the big supermarket.

DSCF8178 DSCF8182 DSCF8186

All sort of fermented drinks.

DSCF8187 DSCF8196

Colorful Sushi on display.


Korean cockles, best shellfish, soft and delicate.

DSCF8199 DSCF8213 DSCF8214 DSCF8257 DSCF8258

A Chinese dish in which a smell of a wild mushroom and the baby squids.


A complete disaster at a Chinese restaurant, a lemon chicken. I  still don’t know who’s gonna order this meal again.


N00-Roong-Ji-Tang or a baked rice soup, very similar taste to the bird-nest soup. Nutty and nutty.


A dish that has many mountain herbs with rice.


Here in this bowl, rice is added up and mixed with hot chilli sauce.

DSCF7752A fried fish cake.


Chicken Sates


A truly Korean old time favourite, Sun-Dae or Korean traditional sausage, steamed pork-liver on top.


A Kimchi noodle with roasted seaweed.


Crab stew, a fine delicacy that people would die for.


My favourite of all time, spring onion kimchi, you can’t talk to someone after having this, so unpleasant for a whole day.



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