China town, Malaysia, More Indians than Chinese

At 4:30 pm we got out of Kuala Lumpur airport. It takes an hour to get to central KL where our hostel is.

YMCA hostel, near KL Sentral station  is all about location. Close to China town, Petronas towers, Bukit bintang or the bus terminal. We booked two rooms, a triple and a twin. RM 508 Malaysian Ringgits($198) for two air-conditioned rooms gave us two nights stay with breakfast included.

Not too luxurious but just good for a budget minded family.

DSCF9318DSCF9386DSCF9319 DSCF9315

A free breakfast. Rice, dried crispy anchovy, sambal sauce, roasted peanut and a boiled egg.


Fried rice garnished with dried shrimp on top.


A banana pancake requires RM 2 surcharge(90 cents) on top of a  breakfast coupon.


This hostel has some courses if you want to join for a small fee, such as Languages(Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, English), Yoga, Taichi, or Tennis. There are also a laundromat and a barber shop with a hostel restaurant.


Lots of food stalls near the hostel.


We headed for world-famous China town night market to sample local Nonya food.(the family food of a Chinese husband and a Malay wife).


Sat at a place where lots of locals waiting for a table.


A bit oily but fantastic kuweitiow noodle.


My young girl enjoying a water melon/sugar cane juice.


This noodle has a heap of young squid and sea food. Truly malaysian.


I can’t figure this out but everyone agreed that this dish was the best of the night.


Shops after shops, just like red lights after red lights.


Jalan Petaling(Petaling street) is the artery of the market that stretches from south to north about a km long.

DSCF9343 DSCF9345 DSCF9346

Exchanging money is a bit of taking a chocolate from a hidden box. This place called “Spectrum Forex” located in NU Central shopping mall had the best deal for Korean Won. NZ $1 equals about RM 2.56 Malaysian Ringgits.


Tomorrow we are going to see the world’s one of best shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur.


4 thoughts on “China town, Malaysia, More Indians than Chinese

  1. I like the title. 😛
    Chinatown has lost its originality. It used to be full of Chinese traders but this has been taken over by foreign workers from Bangladesh, Myanmar and the like. If you’re still around the area and would like something more authentic, do pay a visit to the nearby Imbi wet market and food court where they have stalls that have been open for generations.
    Hope you enjoy your stay in KL!

    1. Thanks Luna for your comment. Unfortunately I’m back in New Zealand and lucky my job’s not taken by someone. I truly enjoyed Malaysia and hope to visit again near soon. Next time Penang and Melaka. thanks

    1. Hi Mac. I’ve already visited Pulau Pinang(Penang) twice. Yes You are right it’s a lovely place. Penang Hills and kek lok si temple, I still remember. Thanks for your comment.

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