Leaving Malaysia, we are going home

Early moring at 5 AM, we pull our heavy loaded suitcases to the train terminal inside of KL Sentral station. It was a bit tricky to get in, as all the gates to the NU shopping mall were locked, so we had to find a entry from the coach stop further up inside the dark tunnel.

KLIA express ticket charges RM35 oneway for an adult($13.70) and RM15 for a child, not cheap for a 28 mins ride to the airport. We used this service because we could check in our bags here instead of taking them to airport and queue in. If you are with Malaysian airline, Royal Brunei air, or UAE Emirate, you are privileged to pre-check in and get the boarding pass here before you get to the airport.

DSCF9523 DSCF9524 DSCF9527 DSCF9531This is our bird that will carry us back to New Zealand.


The foods we had at NU Sentral food court.

DSCF9498 DSCF9500 DSCF9502 DSCF9503Thanks for watching.


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