Malaysia, Truly Asia

I liked the Ad made by the Malaysian Tourism Board, a couple of years ago. They were saying ” Malaysia, Truly Asia” Yes at least truly South East Asia. People, religion, food, shopping, No hassle with taxi driver, No double price for foreigners, Good quality hotels at affordable price, fast and efficient public transport system, and the competitive air-ticket price to get in and out. A Malaysian local venture and good name for everyone is the coffee shop “Old Town White Coffee”. DSCF9506 DSCF9507 DSCF9509 DSCF9511 The coffee was so delicious and I bought three packs of it for my workmates. I still can’t figure out what the white coffee means. Definitely not  referring  a coffee with milk. DSCF9514 DSCF9515 Oh my Cendol, so addictive. DSCF9519   Another good one, “Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf” an international coffee chain makes quite good assam tea and cakes. DSCF9385Interior of this small beauty is well decorated. DSCF9370 DSCF9371 DSCF9372 DSCF9375 This brick column tells us that we are in “Brick field” which was named after 1881 incidents. In 1881 a flood and following fire swept this small area in which structures of the most houses were timber, and the governor made a rule that new houses to be constructed of brick and tile, hence the Brick field was named. DSCF9376 DSCF9382 In NU Sentral mall, you will meet this unique shop, named MBG, or Money Back Guaranteed, so strange name for a juice shop. I tried the juice of the day. You pick you own fruits and mix it up or take home as it is. Everything under RM10. DSCF9494 DSCF9495 DSCF9497


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