Macau, Coloane village

Once a sea salt farming town before the Portuguese arrival is quiet, unassuming but charming. For me, there is just one reason to linger here. Nothing really serious but the bakery of its fame, Lord Stow’s, famous for the Egg Tart.

Locals call the bakery ‘Andrews’ and the founder of this world famous, an Englishman Andrew Stow started this business in 1989. He changed the original Portuguese recipe and came out with a result, something like a Portuguese-English Hybrid tart. I am not a huge fan of a pastry but this shop has become a pilgrimage for a sweet tooth, and they sell 14,000 egg tart a day.


Egg tart sells for HK $9 each and a tea in a take-away cup for $10, not bad for breakfast in Coloane.


Crispy outside, so creamy soft inside, well it’s impressive, but having three is enough for me.


Taking a walk along the sea side, making a big circle gives me a better idea of appreciating this town.


Chapel of St.Francis Xavier.


I looked for the key on this bike, maybe next time.


This house stands out with its controlled mauve colour. Looks like the original paint ran out when half the house was done, and the rest done with the second paint mix-up.


Next stop, the modern side of Macau, Venetian.


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