Macau, Money talks

Coming to Macau without going to a casino is an insult to the Asia’s number one gambling destination, and you are just missing out one of great fun.

You don’t have to seat at a Baccarat table or a slot machine. Just watch around the hall, pick up a drink, listen to a scream from other table when a gambler dumps out all the chips for one shot. It’s a new world.

All the big hotel shuttle buses will drop you off at the entrance of the casino, so it’s not an option you can go around. You have to go through the casino even if there wasn’t an intention of visiting inside.

For a first time visitor, I was surprised that 99% of the dealers on the table were quite aged, ordinary persons who can be seen at the open local market. I thought they could be young, sexy, short-skirt leggies just as seen on the movies. Good news for the male gamblers, you can concentrate on the game 100%.

As for gamblers, all age groups were there, even a whole family enjoying. It’s more like a recreational indoor center without mirrors, clocks and windows.

Lisboa Casino, closest to the Senado square and most heavily visited one as this casino’s shuttle is so useful, just couple of blocks away to the tourist central.


If you have  been to Venice, you will probably laugh at this imitation, but if you haven’t it’s a good chance of having fun with casino and getting  the glimpse as if you are there. The casino’s shuttle is most abundant and frequent, just look for the blue bus.

Have a look at this ‘Venetian’


Good enough to resemble Venice?



Inside Venetian has a theme-park-like area with a covered ceiling, the young generation’s favourite place for making good photo album.


Sky’s quite good? It’s a fake.


A bit of food court is here.


The Cotai strip has a group of imitation monument attached to the casinos, this one is a Eiffel tower.


Macau to me was a real surprise out of a chocolate box. Melted in my mouth like other chocolate with  72% cocoa contents if you understands what that means.



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