Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong and Soho

Western side of Hong Kong island attracts lots of night owls and cafe connoisseurs, and around Soho the lights never turn off.  There is also the world’s longest public escalator complex for the highland dwellers. Getting on and off as many as you like and looking for a good cafe or drink place is just fun.


Looking back down the alley ways and side cafes. Lovely scene.


Soho is connected to Hollywood street that has some sort of curio shops and antique shops.


This escalator system goes for 800 meters in distance, and goes up for 135 meters high.


Yep. built for these residents, but I see it as a good work-out when you walk the stairs up.


The escalator crosses over the road.


Finally to the very end. I don’t have the confidence walking down. Here the minibus No.3 goes close to the Lan Kwai Fong. Get off at the “Ice house street” that is entrance of the sinful night city of Lan Kwai Fong.



The lady model in blue corrects my crooked pronunciation of Lan Kai Fong. I have got some more things to be corrected if you have time.


Bars after bars, dens of drinking mafia,you can’t skip this if you love the night life.


I walk the way down the central to have a night shot of Hong Kong, and the iconic star ferry ride. I’ll hold my drinking until I get to Vietnam which offers world’s cheapest street draught beer.


Next,,Hong Kong’s night beauty. Keep coming.


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