Hong Kong,Getting into the crowd

From Senado square hop on a bus No 10A to Macau ferry terminal where I buy an economy ferry ticket to Hong Kong island(there are ferries going to other places in Hong Kong too, such as Kowloon, so make sure where you are going). Tried to pay the ticket with a mix up of Macau Pataca and Hong Kong dollar, but the lady at the counter screams back “No, just one currency, you can’t mix up”. Well, other shops take a mix-up payment, and this guys accept Hong Kong dollar or Macau money but not both at the same time. Fair enough.


The ferry is a modern catamaran that can hold more than 200 people.


NZ dollar is a minor currency so you don’t expect a good rates, the going rate is 5.6 on internet but in practice the best rate I have been offered is 5.3 which means 1 NZ$ gets 5.3 HK$. Now heading to my prebooked dormitory, YesInn @ Fortress Hill, got a good deal of 100 HK$ (NZ$18.6) a day for an air-conditioned dorm bed. Location of this backpacker is considered a drawback but I see it other way around. Not in most crowded Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui, couple of MTR(subway) stops away to Causeway bay, very close to Happy valley, lots of eateries around. Perfect. Clean and well maintained by the staff. And two cheapest massage shops downstairs open until 1 am. Foot massage(you will need this after a day’s hard walk) costs just 88 dollars.


Hong Kong is most probably the best place in world in terms of fantastic public transport system. South Korea’s capital Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur are not too bad, but they could come below with a marginal gap. Hong Kong has a double decker bus, MTR(subway), star ferry that connects Hong Kong island to Kowloon, the mini bus system and finally the most impressive and characteristic TRAM that runs East-West in Hong Kong island.  Tram is affectionately called by locals “Ding Ding”.

Tram goes really slow, stops are very close each other, no A/C, and the windows open and dirty cheap to ride on. $2.3 HK dollar a ride. This makes all perfect for a tourist taking a street photography on the go as long as it’s not raining(remember, windows open)

Most of my A to B move was made on the Tram except on the Kowloon peninsular. Getting on from the rear door, off at the front and swipe your Octopus card.

Hong Kong’s street on a rainy day.


At the Happy valley tram terminus.


Yep Ding Ding is used like this. Try to get the front and shoot with your camera.


The ADs on the tram also make this so unique.


Sunshine coming in through the tram station, magic.


Well, This is just beginning of Hong Kong, I will be back with more stories.



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