Hong Kong, Causeway Bay and Ik-Cheong building

Causeway Bay, vibrant, young and trendy shopping mecca and strong on Japanese and.  Korean fashion. Endless food opportunity and all brand names of cloth that exist on earth.

If shopping is your sport, this could be your olympic stadium.  As usual I take a  DingDing from my hostel to this chaos city.

Even if you don’t need to buy anything, just walking around this area would take a half day.

The mighty, Time Square department store. It’s huge.


Walking to find IKEA was not that hard, here I see a long queue for a quick bite, just curious I join the line up.

It is called IKEA Bistro, a Swedish chain, specializing a cheap quick eateries. I never heard that Swedish can cook. ABBA, Husqvarna, Volvo, SAAB this is all about Sweden I know.


The menu is not that special, and it’s really simple.


Well I try a veggie balls  and a popcorn yogurt with a drink, for less than 30 Hong Kong Dollars


Um, surprisingly yummy and now understand that long line.


Yep, walking around this area needs time and good planning.


Now take a tram back to east side to have a look at an old apartment block which was filmed in a movie ‘Transformer 4’. To get here, get off near MTR Tai-Koo station and look for “Ik-Cheong” building. It looks like this from outside. Just get in through the shops entry.


This apartment block shapes like alphabet E that can not be seen anywhere else. The colours of each row are different. Red, green,or Yellow.

It shows a contrast, old vs modern, with a new block at the back.


Now walking back to my hostel, come across lots of Neon signs. Quite common one is “Chow Tai Fook”, and Cantonese word Fook means “good fortune”that anyone wants.

So when you want to bless your Hong Kong mates, you might give them “Fook you” and see what happens.




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