Hong Kong ,Victoria Peak and Star ferry ride

Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak has been appeared in the first page on the tourism brochure, making it “must-do” top 10 list while you are in Hong Kong.

It rises only 554m high, but the view from the summit is spectacular and it can be most crowded at night than any other places. Getting up there has two choices; taking a tram or a bus, of course catching a taxi would do.

For a tram ride up, you will be in a queue at least 30 mins sometimes more than an hour, here I take No 15 bus from Wan Chai which takes about 45 mins to the summit bus depot.


The uphill road is so windy and narrow, and you will experience an adrenalin pumping when the top of the bus scratching the tree branches.


This is the peak tram terminus at summit and you need to pay to get to the very top of the lookout on the building.


In the day light, views are not bad and most photographers come around at sunset. Getting a right spot to stretch up a tripod is like war.


I find my way down to the central water front to take some night shots from the over bridge footpath by the star ferry pier.


Taking a star ferry from Kowloon back to Hong Kong island gives you 5 star luxury cruise for about 15 mins, just for under 5 dollars. And I believe this must come on the top “must-do” list.  Good night.


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