Hong Kong food, Touching Heart

Hong Kong has all the food you can imagine on earth. If you can’t find one here, there is no other place it can be found. When an old lady from Hong Kong I met on a local bus in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and she was having trouble with Thai food that were so bland and tasteless, I could not understand what the lady was talking about because Thailand is one of four major food destinations in the world. Now I get what she meant.

Hong Kong is strong in food texture and how it is eaten. The iconic Hong Kong food starts with “Dim Sum” or “Yum Cha”. It  is ubiquitous daily ritual.

Dim Sim is Cantonese word for “Touching Heart” , and the act of eating Dim Sum is “Yum Cha” (which means drinking tea). Think about this; how many food on earth can touch your heart when you consume it ? Not many huh?

There might be better Dim Sum places all over Hong Kong but the one I liked most was “One Dim Sum” in Mongkok. Just around corner from the MTR station Jardin is this humble hole-in-the-wall food canteen.


Try to avoid lunch time and coincide your visit to 3 pm. You will get this menu book and the order sheet upon taking a seat. Try your best guesses and tick the box or put number if you want one item more than one.


This one is tribute to my daughter who has gone a Vegitarian. Veggie Dim Sum.


The prawn and pork stuffed Dim Sum.


These three set of Dim Sum just costs me only $58 HKD. What a price for a good munch.


In Hong Kong, the Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya is king at the food scene. I don’t understand why Hong Kongers have gone this MSG powered super non-descript food.

I gave it a go couple of times and found something unique menu that goes against a fast food concept, the chess chicken Shabu-Shabu.  The Shabu-Shabu comes uncooked in a tin bowl and the staff lights up a gas canister which goes under the bowl.


The flame is so weak and slow that you will need a good 20 mins for water to boil in the pot. Pour down the raw chicken in the pot and serve.


Remember , this is a fast food restaurant like Mcdonald, and the price for this is mere $51 HKD.


Hone Kong is unique and memorable. No other places seems to be  like this Chinese mega metropolis. This ultra super efficient city by the way keeps the ancient old method of things like this. Scaffolding. The Old way.

Any construction site will have a space for stacking the bamboo stems especially cut for the scaffolding.


The ladders are also bamboo joined structure.


The bamboos are secured with a black strap, not using any metal material.


Surprisingly the structure rises up more than 50 meters only using bamboo scaffolding. I believe this will hold better when earthquake strikes.


I imagined that if this tram was made of bamboo, a couple of bulls pulling it.


In Mongkok’s lady’s market(don’t be fooled by its name, it sells for anything for any one). People come with a suitcase.


I bought a T-shirt that has a Hong Kong logo to remember this vibe of this city, but you don’t need a memorabilia to love Hong Kong. Just be there and fall in love in no time.



Hong Kong will remain in my heart like these paintings, colourful with a strong contrast hue. And I am dreaming if I could touch heart every day like Hong Kongers do for their breakfast.



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