Leaving Hong Kong

I jump on an A11 airport double decker bus that  crosses many bridges which connect Hong Kong with outer islands. For HK$40, You will enjoy a sightseeing for an hour on this airport bus way to the airport. Make sure to get on board well before other passengers, and run up to the front seat on the upper deck. If you take the MTR(subway) you will miss out most of these scenes and pay heaps more, of course , arrive faster though.


Hong Kong now applies a heavy fine like her mate Singapore.


I will be missing those Ding-Ding the most. Live long Ding-Ding until next time.




Under the seabed tunnel.


My last meal in Hong Kong, fish Congee. Someone pays one dollar for me when I am scratching my head looking for a dollar coin to pay $51. My last $50 note has been well used for this mysterious peanut, fish, shallot congee.


Probably the most congested airport in world, scheduled departure is spaced by every 5 mins non-stop.


The airport offers lots of Mac computers for the departure hall users for free of charge. I updates one of my episode here for my blog.


My favourite place in the world has  always been a departure lounge in an airport. Heart beats faster, eyes wide open, and happiness level overflows. Destination doesn’t really matter. Do you feel the same I feel, lady?


With Jet-star(Don’t be late again, Jet star) , I am flying into Hanoi, Vietnam. See you there.



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