Ha Giang, Service town in the heart of Northern Vietnam

Dong Van town brings lots of flower H’mong tribes down to the Sunday market. They come in their beautiful traditional dress and exchange goods and gossips at the market.


Tofu, oily stick, stick rice are at every corner along with pigs, bulls, chickens and dogs.


Dong Van’s major intersection.


It is time for me to leave Dong Van for Ha-Giang, so I take 11 AM mini bus.

On the way back to Ha Giang, the bus passes near Yenmin town.


At an restaurant for a break, girls are making charcoal ready for cooking. I know this stuff produces toxic Carbon Monoxide gas which is a silent killer. So stay outside.


On the wall in the restaurant, a beautifully decorated calendar that shows this year is for monkey.


The bus’s tyres are  made in Vietnam. Looks pretty decent for the terrain. Good mud grips.



In Ha-Giang city, I pop in to this cafe KMO(kilo Met Zero) and stay until 8 PM when the night bus leaves this city for Hanoi.


The KMO cafe has  very inviting interior with a few pictures on the wall. The owner Vu is a local photographer and he also runs a guest house.


I like this hill tribe girl in smile, photo taken by the owner somewhere northern Vietnam on his Canon.


Bits of old pictures taken around this province.


This guy is the owner Vu who sees me off at the bus terminal, and gives me a free bike ride even if he is intoxicated. Thanks.


In central Ha-Giang city, bisected by this river. Pretty charming town for a tourist to make a base town.


There is a river side walkways for joggers or Tai-chi lovers.


This wall art of government propaganda shows that Vietnam is still a Communist country, and this trend goes stronger as you approach close to the border.


I’m leaving Ha-Giang for Hanoi tonight on a overnight sleeper bus. See you there.


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