Boat trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Getting into Cambodian capital Phnom Penh is easy. $15 boat ticket includes a bit of touring around river town before the border and the boat trip to the Cambodian capital without hassle.(Visa fee for Cambodia is extra.)

A fish farm on a floating house shows how the life goes on the river with fish. This makes my decision firm that I would not eat any Mekong fish that are farmed.(You know what I mean)


The house also doubles as a souvenir shop.


This boat only takes us to the border and another boat from Cambodian side will take us over.


Stopping for a visit to a Muslim village before it gets to the border on Vietnam side of the river.


A charcoal fired fruit pan cake ?


Watermelons size of a baby tomato.


Walking back to the boat.


Now reving up for the border on Mekong river. Rice, river sand, cement are on the move on the junk ships.


Cambodian Visa fee for the arrival is US$30, but the boat man charges us $35 for a person and the extra $5 is for their service charge? What service? Pointing their finger to the Visa office?  I could have resisted against overcharging but everyone else seems to be O.K. Keep this money in US dollar in advance. A month visa is issued for many nationalities.


Now a boat from Cambodia takes us over to Phnom Penh.


Google Map shows We are on the Cambodian side of the river.


Welcome to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



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