Hanoi’s Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem lake


This coconut Gelato looks so great that I can not go around, which costs 55,000 dong. So refreshing and cooling down the body heat for a couple of 10 mins.


The world famous theme cafe featuring the Viet-Cong soldiers with colours matching to them. Cong cafe is sort of “I have been here thing” rather than for a serious cafe experience.


In the vicinity of St.Joseph’s Cathedral in the western side of Lake Hoan-Kiem there are  a few cheap guest houses and eateries.


Lovely old house, oozing out aging charm.


Lake Hoan-Kiem sees lots of artists doing a portrait or a photo-to-sketch art.


In the damp heat the lake is an oxygen dispenser for the district. Strolling around the lake gives you a great comfort with scenes of locals kill their time under the shade.


There is a small island in the lake that is connected by an archway.


This resembles Chinese garden , bridge, water and feng-sui? .


French group tourists listening to their guide in French.


North-eastern side of the lake packs with a lot of cafes, cheap hotels and myriads of souvenir shops, and I sit for fixing my dehydration problem.


Tell me if you know a better thirst quencher than this mango smoothie with ice.


The name conjures up an image of a secret Communist party meeting, Mao’s Red Lounge.  A drinking den.


Hanoi’s real charm is hidden out in the small alley ways around the local’s life. This market is at under the railway line.


Having my last Bun-Cha here in the market with a filtered cafe(coffee) for 45,000 dong.


On the way to the Long-Bien bus exchange terminus.


Buddism exists every corner in Vietnam, if you are out on street your car can be the alter like this.


Here I take a local bus No 17 to Noi-Bai airport.


Wives chatting while their husbands are sweating  fixing a motor bike behind them.


Low cost carrier Vietjet air welcomes passengers this way to cut the cost.


Bring your conical hat anywhere and that’s going to make a photogenic moment on anything.


Hanoi’s got Bia-Hoi on the street and of course Bia Hanoi if you prefer a bottled beer.


Bia Saigon replaces the fame in the south.


A rice meal at the airport before boarding for Saigon, and I think I’m tuned for a street food. This doesn’t do anything on my taste bud.


We got mint, raspberry in the men’s toilet cistern but first time ever with a pineapple.


I’m flying to Saigon or Ho Chi Min city, the city of great contrast to the north. See you there.


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