Mekong Delta, Tra-Su, Sam mountain, Vietnam

Seeing the Mekong Delta on a push bike is a good idea as the area is super-flat. There are no uphills or downhills, so making 100 kms a day is not a big deal. US$2 will get you a decent mountain bike for a day.


First stop, Sam mountain 5kms away from Chau-Doc. Bottom of the mountain has a huge market for a size of the town. Tamarind for sale at 40,000 dong a kg.


Before climbing up the mountain, I stock up a coconut and a water melon for 15,000 dong from a road side house.


Half way up stands the Victoria hotel in the mountain(there is another hotel owned by the same owner at the river front)


Many Chinese Buddist temples are scattered in the mountain and the scale is huge and luxury.


Inside  a temple has a Zen garden.



View from the summit is not spectacular but pretty.


See I told you. All flat for a bike trip.


Now setup the route in the Google map, going to Tra-Su, the river green forest in a tributary near the rice field.


People here are rice farmers and duck farmers utilizing river water.


Long water canal gets covered with floating green plant that makes the area look like a forest on the river surface. This is Tra-Su( pronounced like Cha-Soo).


Rice paddy is getting ready for planting.


Rice harvested is shipped away on a boat to a mill and get auctioned straight away on the spot. Also millions of farmed ducks end up sold as the same way as rice.


End of the rainbow? Sam mountain.


After making hard pedaling for 80 Kms,I try this Korean restaurant in Chau-Doc run by a Vietnamese girl who mastered the recipes from the Korean TV drama. Well, This Kim-Chi fried rice scores 30 out of 100 for the taste, but 80 for the effort of creative invention of fusion food. Good job for 20,000 dong.


Near the central temple,this place sells a fantastic mushroom-wanton-noodle soup for 17,000 dong. Very well seasoned.  A hot twang on your nose.


Tomorrow I am going to cross border to Camdodia.


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