Ankor Wat draws tourists, Phnom Penh brings long time stayers.

Phnom Penh, Khmer’s capital and the city of Genocide done by Pol Pot Regime. I thought this is just a transport hub before Siem Reap, but I fell in love with this city within a hour of walking around the river side. I’ve been to lots of Mekong river towns in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, and Phnom Penh can be Ginseng out of all energy booster. This super-powerfully calm and cooled down city on river Tonle-Sap passes its charm to its people as well.


Look at this energy-packed sugar cane on the street. If you sleep on this, your dream is going to be sticky sweet.


Cambodian Tuk-Tuks are not an art, just a practical mode of people mover on a cheap buck.


All the budget hostels are packed in the street 136 and around it, and those are in walking distance from the boat pier when you arrive the capital from Vietnam.


The rooftop bar on top of the K-West hotel seems really cool that over looks the Tonle-Sap and the Royal Palace.


This lovely river side Esplanade makes Phnom Penh highly livable city and it attracts a sizable expat community.


Yep they are real. All my work mates are Aliens.


The girl on the bike inspires me of a French movie scene, riding to a bakery to get some baguette home.


A tacky TV drama is being filmed. The little boy makes lots of CUTs from the director.


When the lights are on, people start drinking, and the colour of the city will change accordingly to the content of Alcohol level..


Beers seem to be more expensive here in Cambodia than in Vietnam where Bia-Hoi is everywhere.


Phnom Pen’s Central Post Office still looks as lovely as Saigon’s General Post Office.


The night market scene is not as strong as ones in Thailand but you can still get a cheap meal on the street for around US $1.50 or 6,000 Cambodian Riel. Paying in Riel ends up a bit cheaper, but most tourists don’t bother exchanging money to Riel. US dollar remains King here.







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