Angkor Wat, Emperor’s Mega Simcity, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap’s life starts with the blessings from the visiting monks who walk to the houses and be greeted by the copious Buddist. Every single monk gets something in his alms bag from the house owner in return for the blessing, either it be money or a bottle of mineral water. 9 out of 10 people put 500 Riel note in the alms bag.


I’m not a huge fan of ruins of Angkor but just give it a go while I am here. One day Angkor temple ticket costs US$20 and you will get photographed on your day entry card.


Most tourists hire a Tuk-Tuk for their travel around the ruins, but my choice is a bicycle. Siem Reap is so flat that bicycle is fantastic mode of transport and you don’t need to carry bottles of water with you. Pit stop for your body is every where. Borrowing a bicycle costs only $2 a day while a Tuk-Tuk(with a driver) will charge you around $13 to $70 depending on your negotiation skill and how far  you are going to.


I check this first “Bantei Srey”. Don’t ask me who the heck built this and why. I know nothing about it.


I have been to Sukhothai, Ayuthaya, Borobuduru ruins but the temples of Angkor complex are jaw-droppingly huge-scale monuments.


Walking to the ruins from the carpark is also pleasant enough as you will walk under the tree canopy.


I remember this place well because of “Angelina Jolly”, the “tomb-raider”,computer game adopted  “Ta Prohm” to its major battle ground. This temple seems to be most popular after Angkor Wat. Heaps of photo opportunity.


I believe this could be Ta Keo, but not sure. It was 41 degrees and after pedaling hard on a bike, everything looks similar to the sweaty eyes.


This one Thommanon, very small scale temple compared to others.


Road leads to Angkor Thom.


This monkey might understand more about this history than myself.


With the help of Coconuts and Bananas I carry on.


In the city of Angkor Thom, this is my favourite, ‘Baphuon’ ,walking the elevated stone bridge over the water makes me feel like I am going to meet the Emperor.


Back of Royal Palace in Angkor Thom. A group of French tourist standing by the edge of the rock wall.


Bananas, baked corns are the cheapest carbo you can buy in the ruins.


The Tuk-Tuk drivers waiting outside of the temple for their day-guests.


Bayon, the highlight of Angkor Thom doesn’t really get me wowed. I still prefer Baphuon.


The red skirt in the dark grey stones makes this lady stand out. She must be prepared to be spotted.


Look at this art. Is this real?




Ummm, Er?


Watch out for a Stag? It’s only a 4 pointer.


My god, an Elephant?


Now this temple carries the badge “Angkor Wat” that represents the city Siem Reap.

This ruins are facing WEST so make sure you  be here in the afternoon otherwise the sun will be backed up low making your pictures dark.


An Italian couple walking ahead of me. The lady in the purple scarf  has a beautiful smile.


Now you are getting into a post card scene of Siem Reap.


Even the passage corridor inside holds full of mystery.


This top of Angkor Wat gets crowded all day and the entry is controlled by limiting numbers of people at a time. For a couple of days of each month they close this place for maintenance so ask before you buy a ticket.


When you need a blessing or a good fortune, there will be monks in the temple who takes a donation for the service.


I need to have some beers to cool myself down and Siem Reap has good drinking dens around Pub street.









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