Penang through the windows of the Museum Negara.


Most backpackers now come to Penang with a prebooked accommodation online but I think it is not necessary. Just arrive and walk in and compare three or four places in a surround area. Muntri street, Love lane and Campbell Road have hostels after hostels. Starting from 18 Ringgits, rooms come with a free breakfast and it’s not just a bread and jam. Fruits, Kaya(Coconut Jam?), good quality coffee, cereal or some more. I like this Casablanca on Love Lane.


Slowly walking to Museum Negara of Penang.


It shows the history of Penang in a way of either photos or paintings.



Kek-Lok-Si temple.


Komtar tower.


Peeping into Prangini Mall near the Komtar.


Filling my stomach with some cheap food before catching a night bus to Singapore. This is Ice-Kachang.


My last meal in Malaysia is this. A smorgasbord of sort, pay as what you choose.


A dish, all this for 9 Ringgits.


I am going to Singapore on this 18 seater luxury bus. It starts its journey from Sungei Nibong bus station that is close to the Penang bridge out of town. Fares to Singapore costs 65 Ringgits.


The map in my app shows the bus is crossing the 2nd Penang bridge which is 25 kms long in distance where as the first bridge connect the island with Butterworth as long as 16 Km. Amazing masterpiece.


Heaps of leg rooms between the rows in the bus and  the seat goes down quite low. Very comfortable, but it gets cold inside the bus as the driver never turns the A/C off.


Road to  Johor Bahru is sweet as, smooth non stop ride (except for a toilet break) but from Johor Bahru to Singapore, only a causeway away takes 3 hours as we hit the morning rush hour in which the Malay workers rush to work crossing border to Singapore.

Some bus passengers abandon the bus and start walking but I can’t do the same as I got two backpacks to carry along.


This is my hardest, time consuming border crossing ever. Oh never again.


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