Penang’s Old Town, Malaysia.

Penang has a good public bus networking system that covers all the popular spots a tourist may want to go, but I want to make a round the island trip.  Outside Red Inn on Love lane off Chullia Street, there will be a man who looks like and talks like aged  Jackie Chan suffering a hangover from too much drinking. He has got excellent arrays of motor bikes for rent. Cheapest one costs 27 Ringgits a day. The beauty of this shop is that there is no paper work involved. No passport holding, No receipt, No contact number and No license check. Just chuck 100 Ringgits and  a bike is yours, and he is going to return 73 Ringgits back when you bring the bike back. Very reliable vendor.


Starting the trip with visiting a petrol station, fueling for 4 Ringgits and off it goes to Batu Ferringhi beach, Penang’s best beach the locals say. Yes Penang has some  beaches.


Sands on the beach are not finer than those in Koh Samui or Tioman but it still packs enough beach feels for a family.


A place called “Tropical Spice garden”, is just all about the common samples of spices and trees. Not much to get for the price.


First fuel stop for the driver(or racer), Malaysian street carbo set, the Chendol.


Penang has this hop-on, off sightseeing bus too but I rather go on a bike.


Water supply dam for Penang


Coming up a hill and turning into a durian plantation. The king of fruit tree is a handsome, tall tree that drops this human head sized spiky fruit to the ground. The netting is for safe landing of the valuable fruit, not for protecting a worker under a tree.


18 Ringgits a Kg seems to be a good deal, making the second fueling for my body.


Oh, this creamy, buttery, extremely sweet gift from heaven. Five pieces of this fruit melts away into my stomach in no time.


A view from the “Tropical fruit garden”, another not worth a try.


After riding a windy long up/down hill, I am pulling over at a beverage store near Kok-Lok-Si temple.


Kek-Lok-Si temple, highly commercialized temple but still looks grand from the top. No admission fee.


If you are going to visit just  one temple in Penang, try this.


The Penang hill cable car. Malaysia has now adopted  a dual pricing system. It will be a bit of fun just riding on a cable car, but the view at the top of the hill would not reward you much for your buck spent for the cable car.


Coming back to George town and Komtar tower far end.


Penang is famous for its old heritage streets and buildings around George town. Best way of enjoying of those is walking.


Penang’s whitewashed city hall.


Colonial charm is the right word for this.


This picture of these kids on a bike will be everywhere, on a T-shirt, Postcards and lots of souvenirs. A Penang’s icon.


Samlors or Pedi-cabs are still abundant in Penang’s old town only used for navigating narrow alleys carrying tourists.


A couple holding a big ice cream ball, not a real scene, appears on a printed canvas at a shop.


If one picture has to  represent Penang, I would pick this one.


A Tacky humour  still steers clear of the cars.


Penang keeps its gate open for those who want to enter and experience, and a guide light will be on too. Just drop your guard and embrace this historical old charm.


The name of this hostel sounds really similar to my family name, Siok? or Seok? .


Even though Penang is a Malaysian territory following the Muslim’s code of conduct, the drinking culture is quite ripe with lots of bars and street pubs.


Street food, Banana Roti and a Kwe-Teo-Goreng with a milk tea for 8 Ringgits.


Seafood balls, pay as you pick.


Most popular George town noodle, Wan-Tan-Mee. Be in a queue for a 10 mins to buy one.





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