Salt and Pepper of the nation, Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot, small river town close to the sea, famous for its premium world class black pepper produced in the region, and also the sea salt harvested along the coast line, is a truly culinary capital of the south. The French loved this town and still keeps the position strong that a lot of French tourists flock in and out all day admiring city’s charm.




But the life in this city circles around not the pepper or salt but the spiky king of fruit Durian. The smell of this unpleasant tangy twist pinch is thick in the air as you hop off the bus, especially when you strike in July.  Now this is the reason I have come to Kampot, to taste  world’s best durian.

You will ever find other city like Kampot that has durian stalls every corner of the street. Sometimes every second shop sells durians and in the market all the shops sell durians. If I can choose the place when I die, I would call this a heaven.


Durian is sold at 12000 Riel or US$3 a Kg, so US$5 buys a good size of a fruit for two . This drains my wallet quite quick as I buy the fruit one everyday, remember this is a country that you can have a good sized fan room at US$7, and one durian costs almost a room.


The young girl unloading the fruits from an UTE always picks  a fully ripe, extremely sweet one for me, hence my favourite place.


The Durian roundabout in which eight roads joins in, not joking eight road combines into this huge roundabout. I told you life in this city spins around durian.


I never saw a couple dating on a durian. What about smell when you guys put the lips close?


Kampot lights up elegantly at night, and life shifts from the durian roundabout to the river side.

A stall selling all sort of creepy bugs yes fried.


A boat after boat, on the river, of course for a booze. Rum, vodka, beer, anything comes about $1.50 a cup. Real bargain for the price of the view and ambience. Going on a floating restaurant is a must in Kampot.



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