Perfect town for hiding, Kampot, Cambodia

I arrived in Kampot on a bus run by Capitol tour from the bus depot near Orussey market in Phnom Penh. Ticket costed me only $5 while any guest house or hotel would charge their guests around $10 including a pickup from the hotel.


Choosing where to stay in Kampot is like entering an ice-cream shop and fixing your flavour on a cone. It can either be a hockey-pockey or a cookies-and-creams or both.

Generally tourists split into two groups when it comes to lodging. One stays in town near the old market yet close to the river side. All the good restaurants, tour agencies, massage parlours and abundant tuk-tuks all in a stone’s throw.

The other moves further upstream side of the river by 2km and hides in one of river bungalows for boozing, reading or doing nothing until they leave the town.

Whatever the choice you are looking at $7~10 for a fan single and $15~20 for an A/C double, and a dorm bed kicks in at just $3.

A twin room in Sebana Guest house for $7.


A double room of the Hour Kheang guest house(now Old town) now I translate the Khmer name of the hostel as Ant Colony. Lots of ants in the room (I stayed two different rooms, and still the same problem) for $7.


On the upriver side, fully booked Tiki hostel offers $10 single fan room.



And further up, Nelly’s farm hostel has $10 bungalows.



Also , in town, super popular the Captain Chim guest house and adjacent Paris guest house have a decent double fan room for $8. The latter has a hot water shower.


Below is a double in Paris.


In Kampot, towing a ton trailer on a motorbike is not a problem, because…


the engine’s name is Rambo.


I will go inside the old market area next time.



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