NomPang, Kampot’s answer to Vietnamese Banmi, Kampot

Nothing special about this street food but this could be the close thrill that I had when I met Banmi in Vietnam.

Banmi and Khmer NomPang both start with a plain baguette, well just a daily street bite for a pheasant worker.

First, a baguette is put over a charcoal grill and warmed up while it is softened, and a frequent oil-brushing around the bread is required.


Next, a bread is shifted to a press and get flattened, making the stuff looking like a recycled cardboard. This moment you may think that you must have blown your luck. Wait it is not over yet. See the girl in pink holding a press handle and a pile of pressed baguettes by the sauce bottles.


Now, the lady finalizes the product with sauces and the shredded crab  meats(shurumi) and unknown vegie(?)  is sprinkled over the baguette. The whole thing is then put in a container and cut into pieces for easy biting. Will it drain your wallet? 1500 Riel (1$=4000 Riel),

If you don’t know what the Banmi is, look for my  postings on Vietnam section.


Every night from around 3 PM this business is into play around the durian roundabout and you will see the cart surrounded by teens on motorbikes.

If you still have a craving for a beer snack, an old man fries his own version of KFC(Khmer Fried Chicken) on his mobile cart next to Sokimex gas station close to the roundabout. Price goes 3500 Riel for a drum stick and 4000 for  bigger bits like a thigh. Oh my goodness. This awakens me back into beer drinking habit.


You may also try these coconut based sweets from a Psar(Market) but make sure you got a good dental insurance. Very sugary.


For a fine dining, there are bunch of good reputed restaurants scattered around the old market.

Most famous could be the Rusty Keyhole, always full of diners.


Captain Chim has a decent menu for everyone and for every budget.


Kama shows a bit of Zen-style eatery cafe specializing Khmer food and drink.


And just for a light drink and hanging around waiting for a bus to catch, the book cafe Bookish Bazaar is a perfect place.


Still more to come.




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