Beaches soaked in Angkor beers, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Beach bums don’t think Cambodia as a prime destination because there are a lot better places like Koh Samui, Koh Chang, or Phu Quoc.  With plenty of cheap guest houses around and endless supply of Angkor beers(the factory is right there), Sihanoukville can be not a bad beach town for a guys on a thin bugdget.


Flying into this city now got even cheaper as AirAsia just commenced its first flight straight from Kuala Lumpur, which means you don’t have to go through chaotic Phnom Penh.

As for beaches, white, fine sands, sea foods, sun loungers, rough water, and strong winds. Do you need anything else? Of course massage and nail care on the spot as well.






It is almost impossible for anyone to be in peace with books as lots of vendors or massage parlors stroll the beach and they target a wealthy foreigner first, and you have to say NO thousand times until they move on.

Among six beaches, Serendipity beach is most popular to the Westerners and the infrastructures have been set up from the two golden lions roundabout to the beach.














It is best staying in a hostel in the area if your time will be around the beach since the Tuk-Tuk drivers are most aggressive in Sihanoukville so you would drain quite a lot of money on traveling. Renting a motorbike? Most hard-working police will be at every corner making sure tourists’ safety vigilantly.

To my cup of tea, I found the Gecozy guest house in central town was just right for me. It is like an urban jungle, characterizing bamboo chairs, rattan furnished room, very low price($7 double en suite, fan) and amazingly calm garden setting.








If the front gate is padlocked the lady owner must be out shopping or dining. Wait until she comes back. Unlike the rumors going, the business is still going.


Don’t miss out the Starfish project(bakery) in central Sihanoukville near Samudra Mart. Good for chilling out in a zen garden eating apple pies or brownies while supporting the disabled people of the area.




Sihanoukville is growing in an ugly way(in my eyes). Chinese money is being poured in and small Casinos are dominant in the golden spot. You will see lots of luxury cars like these driven by young Chinese.


and,,,like this ramshackle  shed somewhere in the hidden corner.




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