If French ever built Penang, it would have become Battambang, Cambodia

Hopped on the Capitol bus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh and transfered to one for Battambang for all up 12 long hours.


A drunk moto driver didn’t take me to another place that would pay him a commision but to Chhaya hotel that I already made a booking. Very clean and functioning room only costs $5 a night.


Look no further if you crave for a best coffee in Battambang. Just about 50m away from the hotel on the same street. Cafe Krema is there. Nothing else they do, just coffee and some teas. Bringing food in is absolutely allowed and encouraged.


I thought that the setup is not Cambodian standard, and the owner was a young lady from Korea who speaks fluent American English. I guessed the beans of the day would have been Lao arabica, if not, who’s gonna blame?  Tasted terrific.


This city resembles Penang of Malaysia if you forget about Chinese influence that is evident in Penang. Colonial buildings, street murals, colorful contrast of the houses but time flows quite slowly here.














This is how the school blocks road from traffic coming in.


Battambang’s street number goes like this. Street No3, No 2.5, No 2, No1.5, and No1 and around No 2.5 has lots of interesting shops. Cafes, bookshops, massage shops and old houses.


Tropical hardwood, best for long burning heating logs. Wish ship those home.


Unique looking Omega hotel.DSCF2385

Custom built rear shocks and the handle bar. 50cc king of khmer scooter.


Price of a durian is as same as in Kampot but less vendors.


City icon on Street No3.


Battambang has been totally neglected by tourists, being shadowed by Siem Reap, partly because the city’s location out of the route. The city needs to be loved more and to be a destination on its own.



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