Kratie, nothing to write home about, Cambodia

To get to Kratie from Kampong Cham, you have two options. Taking longer route via Suong ( 4 Hours) or shorter minivan route via Chhlong( 2 and half). Just turn up around the Phnom Penh bakery by the Caltex petrol station. Ticket costs $6.


For Kratie(pronounced Kra-che), the city didn’t impress me at all. I walked around the whole city, east-west, north-south, and river front but could not reveal any element of the city being attractive.


Not too busy street scene.


In Kratie, you will see lots of street vendors selling this vertically displayed bamboo tube stuff.


It is called Krolan, a bamboo tube inside which steamed sticky rice in coconut with bean and is sold  by weight, so the vendor puts it on a scale and yells out the price. Going rate? 7000 Riel a Kg. Grab a decent size tube it will probably costs about 2000 Riel(50 cents)


The mobile truck is for Khmer Ice Cream.


The vendor scoops  two flavours together in a cup. Usually coconut and chocolate then pours down a lot of condensed milk over, finally sprinkles with crushed roast peanut. Taste? Order one more. One cup is only 2000 Riel.


I stayed at Silver Dolphin Guest House in a dorm room for $3. Although this place doesn’t offer you flashest room, they got very good rooftop bar over Mekong. A lovely spot for reading books, writing your blog over a bottle of beer.


Basic meals like a noodle and fried rice can be had here too.


Another place you might want to check is Tokae restaurant. French owner offers mainly on Khmer food.




I could not get the name of this Wat.


A bit spooky if you have a closer look of the top of pillar. Humans are holding the roof and they could be women by the look of those.


Mekong looks mighty when the water level is high.


Locals pump the music out to the limit and dance in rows.


At 6:38 in the morning, students are already at the primary school next to the guest house giving all the guest in hostel an wake-up call.



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