Stung Treng, frontier town bordering Laos, Cambodia

The 12 seater minivan squashes 19 people in it and ties up a motorbike on the tailgate, and I smell mixes of sweat, food, and foul air from the A/C duct. Good news is that this is gonna be only two and half hours agony. Very short trip indeed from Kratie to Stung Treng.


Locals use long tail boats to navigate the fast flowing waters of Mekong.


This town has got no decent coffee shop. Only one I want to mention is cafe 1979.


Don’t come here for a good coffee but for a bite and a cooling down. They do yum-cha and buns.


Yes, proudly Stung Treng. You know what that means? …..I’m local.


Orange, Red, and Blue in one frame. I like it.


It has not been flooding but no idea how this area ended up with this big puddle.


Pure Cambodian water? Mate you are a dreamer.


Night market is the place if you are fancy about grilled meat.


Look at this. Pit roasted pork over charcoal. Supremely tasty. $10 a Kg. A slice of it weighs about 100g. Happiness with $1.




A homemade banana chip. One scoop costs 1000 Riel.


One Lao restaurant cooks this perfect pork rice noodle soup in Lao style at 7000 Riel. Wow pork noodle soup can be this good? Unbelievable.


Locals bring ice in sacks on a cart.


And dump the whole sack into a crusher, and again tip the crushed ice into a big chilly bin to be used in a  street cart.


The name on the bottle, Glyphosan could be referring to the killer stuff Glyphosate which is branded Roundup in New Zealand. Only approved handlers can deal with this in other side of the world.


In here a boy is in charge of all the poisons. Harden up New Zealand.


Nong-Go-Thai, a fried rice-cake-textured round vegie bun? Hope someone can describe better. 500 Riel for one.


Butane gas canisters refilled, reused over a hundred time and still going strong. Cambodians love secondhand products.


South-East Asians are a huge fan of this white stuff, Ajinomoto, or the flavour enhancer or MSG. I personally can’t handle this too much in my food.


I memorize this Khmer words “Gum-Da-Bee-Jane” for no Ajinomoto in my food.


At least one teaspoon-ful of Ajinomoto will be in any Khmer dish.


This is not the record high. They are only five of them. I’ve seen seven on a motorbike.



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