Pakse,Crossroad of the south, Laos.

Lao’s second biggest city, Pakse offers a little to tourists on its own. River front is not as beautiful as Luang Prabang or Kampot, and there is no real night life here. Just sit in and take up your Beer Lao, and watch how the clock turns in Pakse with people.


Or check in Khamse guest house for 50000 Kip and jump on a hammock, take a nap or think the ones you love.


Most atmospheric accommodation in Pakse in terms of backpacking world.


Don’t bother to wake your host up when she is in an hammock. Wait or come back later to warrant a room.




Couple of good eateries are out on main road. See you can’t go wrong with coffee and chips.


I have come to Pakse for coffee and I have gut feeling that will remember Pakse more than necessary.


Motor Samlor, very popular mode of transport in Pakse.


Look at this seats, made of 44 gallon drums, outside of Pizer bar.


King of bus they call it. This bus shuttles to the capital and back.


A good place catching the sunset with coffee.


Bar and bistro, Daolin cafe, deserted in daytime, filled up in the evening. Come early for a table.


Pakse’s new market, very genuine and straight forward. Don’t come in jandals as the ground gets wet most of days.




Hunt for a motorbike that comes with a Vietnamese rego plate if you are going to buy one. You can drive overland to Thailand, Cambodia or back to Vietnam problem free like the one advertised below.


I walked around city looking for a burger king and this was the closest I could find.


The name self-explains. The cafe at the pump.


So loud but subtle, very refined sound. Stand beside this van which is going to blow your worries in no time.


Tuk-Tuk appears on the road sign while Lao’s cousin Thailand has plans to get rid of them.


I still can’t figure this out. Indochina bank offers whopping 42.75% interest over 60 months term deposit. Is it real? Or a trick?


Drinking too much lao-lao (traditional lao rice whiskey) makes your life much more adventurous. No worries just don’t shake the truck.



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