HUE, short for History-U-Eat. Central Vietnam

“Palaces and Pagodas, tombs and temples, culture and cuisine, history and heartbreaks, there’s no shortage of poetic parings to describe Hue.”  This is how the Lonely Planet guidebook explains this old city. The day I arrive in Hue, I smell thick fragrance of coffee and food on every corner. Cafe scene is very strong here and actually locals don’t start a day without squatting on a stool in a cafe. Backpackers hang out around Pham-Ngu-Lao area south of the Perfume river, so this part of the city looks a bit like Khaosan Rd in Bangkok in a smaller scale.


I especially feel quite calm and oriented in a cafe called Aroma cafe. Coffee comes average and food nothing special but the vibe that will bring you into mood that you want to write something home about.


Robusta based coconut coffee comes at a price of 30,000 Dong($1.50), and it is a thirst quencher.


Wide roundabout and boulevards, with lots of one-way road, typical Vietnam.


Crossing one of wide spanned bridge over Perfume river or taking an evening cruize is a good way of cooling you down notorious summer heat in Hue.




Rodo cafe, on a busy T- intersection. Everyone rushs for a pit stop.


Under the bridge on the southern end, there will be a night market set for food, drinks, paintings, or musical instruments.


Sweet after sweet, a dessert food cart gets most attention.


I love Hue presented by local beer Huda.


Huda, proudly Hue local beer, Danish Carlsberg joint venture makes this beer really drinkable. A can comes cheap at 8800 dong in the Bic C.


Mandarin cafe. Come have a look if you are into photography and need a skill set for taking street shots. Owner Cu displays his own prints on the wall and in a photo book.


There are many that pause my eyes for a moment.


But come for the photos not the coffee or a drink. This cafe uses tea bags and instant coffees.


Very artistic cafe that specializes a mystery of coffee taste.


Ancestor worship is really popular in Vietnam. The foods on the table are the ghost of an family member. Bunches of fake money will be burned for the same ghost when the foods are presented.




This drink is a corn milk (Sua Bap), very creamy and nutty, and Bic C supermarket in Hue sells it at about 10,000 Dong a bottle. Most popular place to buy one could be market’s drink vendors (Look for the bottles on ice). Fried fish cake on a skewer sells for 7000 dong a stick at the eatery inside Bic C. Look for the “Sandwich land” where many hungry school kids rub their shoulders.


Typical “Sandwich land” opposite Bic C check-out. This guys offer cheap bites that taste awesome.


A bbq spot for ones you like to grill.





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