Russian is king in Nha Trang, Vietnam

This meal is the last bowl in Da Nang. I am taking a train to Saigon that is going to take about 18 hours.  Mi Quang tastes superb for only 20,000 Dong.


Sitting on a hard seat for long hours requires good cushioning layers under your bum which I don’t keep any more.


I jump off the train at Nha Trang that is not my plan.


Meeting these Vietnamese young fellas again in a street food stall tucked in away in Nha Trang surprises me. We sat next table in a restaurant in Hue. The guy in far left has a farm in Buon Ma Tout growing avocados, coffee and black peppers.


Tabalo hostel, most impressive hostel in whole Asia so far, shows what a five star backpacker’s pad should be like. Ultra thick mattress, a roomy locker, squeaky clean toilet and shower, a roof top bar, and a good selection of breakfast. All for about $5.50.


Can’t get better shower cubicles than this.


Canteen on 1st floor.


Toilets and the hand wash tubs.


This breakfast is included in the price and you have a choice of five.


In super pricey Nha Trang this simple breakfast would have burdened you about 50,000 Dong somewhere outside.


In Nha Trang, Russian is the lingua franqua. All the shops has Russian signs and shopkeepers speak some of the language.


Some shop owners are Russians too.


Opposite the night market on Hung Vuong street, this lady makes a very good Sinh-To(fruit juice or smoothie) on whatever your choice of fruits for 20,000 Dong. You can choose 3 or 4 different fruits and mix them up.


Nha Trang is for beach, especially Sunshine-hungry Russians.


A premium beach resort town.





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