Buon Ma Thuot, Coffee capital of Vietnam

If you like Vietnamese coffee, the rich, bittersweet, hard-to-compare concoction that only exists in the street cafes in Vietnam, make a pilgrimage to Buon-Ma-Thuot. Proud coffee capital of Vietnam where the focus is made mainly to the Robusta variety. To get there, you have to make yourself to the local bus terminal as there is no open bus system for tourists. In other words, this place is hardly visited by foreign backpackers unless you are a coffee maniac. This city is also called Ban-Me-Thuot or sometimes just DakLak(referring to the capital city of Daklak province).  From Nha Trang it is a 4 hours journey and costs 100,000 Dong on a comfy Apple bus.

My choice of a bed in BMT goes to Ngoc Tran guest house which locates out of town by about 7 kms, so you might need to pay 40,000 Dong to hire a Xe-om(motorbike taxi) to get there. A simple double fan room with toilet/shower inside costs only $5 a night. The owners can’t speak English at all but they are smart enough utilizing the Google Translate.

In BMT, you don’t need an A/C or fan as the city is at 500 metres above the sea level.

What a killer name for a coffee cafe. You are guaranteed to be blown when you drink coffee here.

While in BMT, make a visit to the coffee Museum in central city. The place is in line with coffee trees under the big shade canopy covers, equipped with zen-garden, a coffee shop, and a gift shop.

Of course, a group of local posh visitors stroll around admiring Vietnam’s No 1 coffee brand, Trung Nguyen (pronounced Chong-U-yen)

The coffee museum shows some of the harvest.

The cafe looks more like an emperor’s palace housed in with lots of thick wooden pillars.

Sipping a cup at the holy shrine is a must. Try this Ca Phe Fin.

This coffee is hot and spicy, mixture of strong coffee and ginger.

Now back on street scene, the killer pork sate will make you forget about coffee and you are now at the culinary city of BMT. Actually Vegetables from this province (DakLak) are very famous for flavour and highly valued by Saigonese. Try YWang street for the best street bites.

For the atmospheric cafes and a drinking culture, make a bee line to Nguyen Cong Tru street.

Mod cafe attracts mums with young kids.

This cafe MOC is for young teenager boys and views over the gully down is quite good.

If you come on a motor bike, try this cafe, the Rider cafe. Lots of information swaps and congenial vibe for motorbikers.

Cafes after cafes.

Zip cafe, in an old wooden building, two story old school theme place got my heart zipped up.

Shelves of pot plants, books, wall paintings, and old wood tables and chairs.

Coffee, tea, cakes, and smoothie all under 50,000 dong.

Could be a perfect place if you are a writer or a power blogger.

Or sit back and take a nap waiting for a night bus to Saigon.

Here I post three episodes of my travel blog while drinking lots of coffees, teas with a cake.

Talking about coffee, average. But in BMT you would not go wrong with any coffee.


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