Da Nang changes every second, Vietnam

Vietnam’s trains are known for being slow but if you want to give it a go just once, make it Hue-Da Nang section. This very short ride shows king of scenery and most exciting.


89,000 Dong buys a soft seat in an A/C cabin, ask for a seat on the left hand side if you can choose for a coastal view.  Ga Hue, Hue train station.


Carriages look old and ramshackle but they are comfortable.


Vietnamese trains come and go as scheduled, no delayed arrivals.

The train goes past this beautiful beach, Lang-Co beach on your left hand side.


Crosses lots of bridges and tunnels.


Seats in this carriage  are arranged weirdly. Front half seats and the other half both face to the middle, forcing half the passengers sit backward train’s direction.


If you take your motorbike with you, just get it packed in a crate.


Ga Da Nang, Da Nang station has an old steam locomotive on the entrance.


Dee Dee Hostel in Da Nang, the only hostel that offers the communal kitchen for the guests to use freely with unlimited teas and coffees. Best English speaking staff are always standby.


Nearby, Da Nang’s Cathedral.


In Cho Con (Con Market), I happen to have a facial massage from this lady who owns the shop- Hong. We use our fingers and body gestures on everything and it works.


A good facial massage on a very small bed (I have to practice my yoga posture stretching my legs upright toward ceiling otherwise there is no place for my legs.) only costs 30,000 Dong that lasts 20 minutes.




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